This is what most of men think that the woman on the other side of the head set looks like. I'm with you all fellow gamer nerds. Let us dare to dream. We aren't hurting anyone.

L.A.Rex - A Short Opinion


L.A. Rex

Here is the jist of this whole game.

You're a Tyrannosaurus Rex. There are humans within eating distance. Is there a different way this could play out? Run your nom-osaurus through Los Angeles, munching on people, destroying cars and wrecking the place like a real dinosaur should.

You use the A the W and the D key oh and the left mouse button. If you can't figure it out there is seriously no help for you. 

I have to be honest here and admit that i played this game for roughly 20 minutes... Shaking my head. It is addictive for that half hour of your life.

World of Tanks - 8.11


Wargaming.net the developer of World of Tanks  will be releasing update 8.11 for the free-to-play military game, adding a new nationalistic combat mode and a couple of new PvP arenas set during the winter, the studio announced today.

In this new mode, Confrontation, One team enters with tanks from one nation and faces off against a second team with vehicles from another country. World of Tanks' lead producer, Mike Zhivets says, such a mode has been a top request from players for a long time.


"We are excited that they will soon be able to try it out," said Zhivets.

No word yet on when update 8.11 will arrive. World of Tanks is still on its way to Xbox 360; that version, which is being developed by Wargaming West, will be released sometime this year.


Update 8.11 will also bring us Windstorm, a snowy battle arena taking place in Europe; a winter version of the Himmelsdorf map; and a redesigned Ruinberg that features fire and rain.


If you love this game as much as I do. This is great news. World of tanks is one of my all time favorite PvP games.


Thanks Wargaming.net!

Diggy's Adventure - A Short Opinion


So some times a game comes my way that i'm just like, "why do people play this." This is one of those games. I am in complete amazement that there is 140,392 Facebook likes as of right this minute... I understand these puzzle type games and peoples need to sit and watch TV and play games at the same time. But this game as of the time I have spent playing it offers very little to me. There is no action what so ever the puzzles thus far are very weak and even if they get harder they are about as boring as it gets. I'll give you links and let you make the decision for yourself, but I will not take another minute of my time playing this game or thinking about it. This is not a "Gamers" game... well unless your grandparents are "gamers."

Diggy's Adventure Link

Diggy's Adventure - Forum

World of Warplanes - A Short Opinion



World of Warplanes is a PvP based fighter plane simulator. It was released on 11-12-2013 by Wargaming.net, so it is still fairly new with some kinks to work out here and there. The game offers over 200 planes to choose from all of a classic dogfighter era. Players from all over the world compete in this large scale PvP arena. Seeing who is the best at video gaming air combat. The action is very good for simulation air PvP.. and the graphics are top notch in my opinion for how much actually goes into a game of this scale. The combat can seem a bit slow at times, but over all I've not played a better free Air Combat Simulator.
The Game makers boast : Thrilling action, highest speeds and fiercest dogfights!
Join us "Pilots" in-game and maybe we will see who is the best of the best. I am really looking forward to seeing what World of Warplanes and Wargaming.net, bring to the table next. Wargaming.net also makes one of my other favorite games 
World of Tanks. Another must try!

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